Dee Cannon celebrates 17 wonderful years at RADA
Maxine Peake sees Dee Cannon's teaching as a firm foundation Dee Cannon is simply the biggest artistic influence in  James McArdle's life Alexandra Roach will always be thankful for Dee Cannon's teaching Lydia Wilson experienced many revelations through Dee Cannon's teaching Lauren St Paul still learns from Dee Cannon whenever they work together
Owain Yeoman is grateful to Dee Cannon for her ability to make him challenge his acting pre-conceptions Katherine Kelly thinks Dee Cannon is brilliant Dee Cannon gave Daniel Mays the tools to be a better actor From the moment Sonya Cassidy braved Dee Cannon's advice, it all fell into place Dee Cannon equipped Damola Adelaja with the resources to be the best he could possibly be
Dee Cannon shaped the acting processes that Calum Gittins still uses Caroline Martin still uses the techniques that Dee Cannon taught her at RADA Gerard Monaco's confidence in his work is based on the teaching of Dee Cannon Caroline Jay Ranger says that Dee Cannon is inspirational Dee Cannon's teaching had a great and lasting effect on Edward Bennett
James Norton is forever grateful for the teaching of Dee Cannon Dee Cannon's teaching at RADA has been invaluable to Joe Wredden At RADA, Dee Cannon taught Paris Arrowsmith that no moment of acting is insignificant John Hollingworth explains why Dee Cannon is in remains in such demand as a teacher and acting coach With the help of Dee Cannon's teaching at RADA, Beruce Khan felt prepared and confident to go out into the big wide world
Antonia Kinlay observes that when you're working with Dee Cannon, you know you're in safe hands Kehinde Fadipe says that after working with Dee Cannon, all directors are a walk in the park Sarah Stern remembers Dee Cannon's RADA class being a space of effervescence and great creative dynamic Lu Corfield wishes she could have spent more time with Dee Cannon while at RADA instilled in Caroline Kilpatrick an enormous respect for the quest to find the truth
For Matthew Hebden, Dee Cannon's disciplines cemented the 3 most fundamental aspects of technique Lottie Latham couldn't have asked for a better teachier than Dee Cannon Rachel Spicer describes Dee Cannon as a true teacher For Rob Crouch, the knowledge that Dee Cannon is always there to advise and coach him is very humbling and reassuring Dee Cannon made Annie Hemingway realise the kind of actor she wanted to be
Cynthia Erivo hopes to keep making Dee Cannon feel proud Jamie Doyle continue to value Dee Cannon's input to his career even 5 years after training at RADA Emma Lowndes found Dee Cannon's classes at RADA incredibly rewarding Kwaku Boateng remembers always having the satisfaction from Dee' Cannons classes of not having left any stones unturned Anna Koval says that Dee Cannon is a truly inspirational figure and a wonderful woman
Charlotte Lucas sees Dee Cannon's tough and honest teaching as invaluable At RADA, Dee Cannon equipped Bruce McGregor with a set of skills that have sustained him throughout his career Dee Cannon gave Jonathan Livingstone skills and tools that he can apply to every character he approaches Susie Wokoma believes you would be hard pushed to find an actor who wasn't grateful for the tools and guidance that Dee Cannon gives Diane Beck feels privileged to have been taught by Dee Cannon at RADA
Jotham Anna sees Dee Cannon as a strong visceral presence on the realities of the acting profession Seline Hizli believes that Dee Cannon's lessons at RADA will help her time and time agian Marty Rea has always relied on Dee Cannon's teaching of her own version of Uta Hagen's basic principles Victoria Ross finds Dee Cannon extremely supported Dee Cannon cares more about her students than Fred Gray thought possible
Dee Cannon's teaching was the highlight of Chereen Buckley's RADA training Nicholas Kempsey thanks Dee Cannon for being a hard taskmaster and a no nonsense human being Working with Dee Cannon was a real roller-coaster but one that Rose O'Loughlin is so grateful to have been on Jennifer Castle: In an assessment at RADA I was described as being
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